The Professor’s Kids’ Summer Schedule – Preschool at Home

One of the perks of academia is getting summers “off”. I put off in quotes because many professors, myself included, teach summer classes, attend workshops and conferences, and maintain their research activities. Despite the work I will certainly be doing this summer, aside from a few obligations here and there, most of my time will be at home in running shorts and t-shirts (my summer wardrobe). So while my husband and I generally alternate who stays home with the kids depending on our work schedules (we’re incredibly blessed), in the summer I generally run the show while my husband picks up extra hours at work.

Since the kids are at home with us full-time year round (until we find a part-time preschool with an opening for a 3-year-old – way harder than I realized) it is easy to get into a rut and/or watch the Sponge-Bob movie on repeat. Though I’m a big fan of Bubbles the ancient dolphin, I figure having a schedule of activities would ensure we have a variety of activities and types of play each day (research [& here] seems to suggest the varied approach is beneficial for preschoolers.) This is our attempt at creating preschool at home.

So without further ado, our daily schedule.

7:00 – Girls wake up/get dressed

7:15 – Girls play with magnets or their play kitchen while breakfast is assembled

8:00 – Blocks/Potato Heads/Legos/Cars

9:00 – Reading time (we generally get through 3 library books before the little one gets fussy)

9:30 – Little one takes a nap, bigger one either watches a show or colors/paints/stamps with mom

10:45 – Play Outside

Noon(ish) –  Lunch

My older daughter enjoys tracing these some days, but I try not to push her too much. Generally they wind up with lots of scribbles.

12:45 – Free time in play area

1:30 – Little one takes afternoon nap, bigger one either watches a show or colors/paints/stamps with mom

2:45 – Play Outside

Honestly, after playing outside our schedule varies so much. I’m not concerned though, because kids learn through play, and our kids play all day!

I do pick up preschool activity books when I find them, but since my kids are both younger than three play is really the best educational experience for them right now.

Because I’m a millennial mom, I have a ton of preschool ideas pinned. I hope to incorporate several of these this summer (some ideas look a bit more practical than others). What activities have worked well (or not so well) with your toddlers?


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