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Preschool Science + Art Butterfly Activity

I was fiddling around on Pinterest (who doesn’t?) and came across one of those rare activities that looks fun AND I already had all of the materials needed. Naturally, it became part of yesterday’s “preschool at home” activities. In the original post, Buggy and Buddy focuses on the chromatography element of this activity – which is pretty cool. However, I have younger kids, and, though my older daughter thought the different colors were neat, she was much more excited to watch the color spread and make butterflies to play with.

All you need for this activity are coffee filters,  washable markers, pipe cleaners, and containers for water.

The first step is drawing circles around the middle of the coffee filters (like the picture to the right). Honestly, drawing around the middle like my two-year-old did worked fine too.


From there you fold the filters in half, and then half again so they are cone-shaped. Then you place the filters in the individual containers of water (assorted tupperware/pyrex worked fine for us) so that the filter, but not the color, just touch the water.

It took about 10 minutes for the color to spread and another 10 minutes for the filters to dry. We actually ate lunch during this time (hey, with two toddlers, I’m not dealing with particularly long attention spans). Once the filters had dried I let my daughter match the colors together and I used a pipe cleaner to turn them into butterflies (just scrunched the middle of each, wrapped the pipe cleaner around it and bending the tops to make antennae).


My daughter loved playing with her butterflies (I was a bit surprised). Not too bad for a quick, impromptu activity.


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