Nearly There

August is almost here. Yes, for most of us it is hard to believe that the year has progressed so quickly, but August 1st is more significant to me this year. Six months ago, when I set out on my most recent crazy undertaking, I told myself (and my husband) that I could relax on August 1st.

I just finished submitting grades for summer classes (well, except for a few stragglers who didn’t realize summer session ended before fall began, but that is another blog post), I’ve finished my six month continuing education seminar, had some papers go to press, and this weekend will be the final family birthday celebration until December. Theoretically, I’ll soon have more time to play around on my blog.

It amazes me that big events, once over, don’t seem that big. Several years ago, when I hosted my first debate tournament I was so apprehensive going in and as stressed as I can ever remember being. But, as soon as the tournament was over, it was just a date on the calendar. That was the first time I really experienced the odd sense of calm.

Since then there have been a handful of big events that, once finished, left me with a surreal feeling. I know this happens, but the calm after the storm always takes me by surprise, like I didn’t think it would ever be done.

Obviously, between kids and work there will always be a project to tackle. Big events where I anticipate being stressed, luckily, are not constant.

Throughout the last six months there have been many times that I’ve reminded myself about the end date. I’m not entirely sure this has calmed me, but knowing the end of this stressful period certainly helps keep me focused.

I’m not entirely sure what the point of this rambling post is, other than to let the world know I’m nearly there. Just a few more days and, theoretically, I can relax.

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