Medical Costs (Rant)

I just paid a doctor’s bill. The bill, which our insurance company negotiated down to $120, covered 5 minutes of actual interaction with medical professionals. $120 for 5 minutes. Luckily, we’re in a position where medical costs like these aren’t too big of a deal, but not everyone is in our position.

My youngest daughter managed to slightly rip her gums – including a couple of teeth. There was nothing the doctor could do to help her. She sent us to our family dentist. That cost us an extra $20 (dentists seem to be far more reasonable). $120 to tell us to go to the dentist?!? Seriously?!?

When the bill came, I immediately thought about how a family who struggles to make ends meet would react to this same bill. Would they go without food or paying their electric bill? Would they have even taken their child, bleeding from the mouth, to the doctor?

How can we consider ourselves to be the greatest country in the world if we aren’t willing to make healthcare accessible? Heck, even if we made health care accessible to children that would make us a little closer to being great. If only there was a politician who had been trying her entire career for that…if only she’d have run for president…and have won the popular vote.

I’ll stop now, because that is as nice as I can be today. Happy Monday and please, please, contact your elected officials so we can actually make America great.


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