Going Back on the Job Market

I’m going back on the job market.

There are so many reasons and factors that have affected this decision. A big factor is the town we live in. I could write for days about the school district being under federal investigation, the crime rate per capita, the monopoly a for-profit hospital has on health care, etc., but that would be a completely different post.

I’ve been at my current position for the past three years. In that time, I’ve been able to write, learn how to navigate academia, and develop courses I hadn’t in the past. Though those are all great, the biggest “accomplishment” is making the realization that I need to change specializations. Over the years, my research has begun to shift. After noticing this shift, I sought opportunities for continuing education. Now that the formal continuing education is over, it seems appropriate to find a job better suited for my research interests.

Though I’m confident in my decision to go back on the job market, I’m anxious to actually hunt for jobs. As many of you are aware, the academic job market is not for the faint of heart. I went on four on campus interviews before landing my current position (I’m sure being 7 months pregnant while on said interviews played no role in hiring decisions…). That is a lot of rejection, even before considering the dozens of applications I sent out.

Hopefully being older, wiser, and having several more publications on my CV will help me this go-round. I’m sure this hunt will inspire blog-posts to come. For this moment though, I’m genuinely curious, what suggestions do you have for a person going back on the job market? Any interesting experiences to learn from?

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