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Four Ways I’m Saving Money…While Saving the Planet

Occasionally I’m a tree hugger. Not literally, because, you know, bugs. However, I do drive a Subaru, wear Tevas, and drink from a Nalgene bottle, so I’m basically a hippie (right?). Seriously though, it is important to me that my daughters have a nice planet to grow up in so I do take steps to conserve where I can. Conserving materials and energy not only helps the planet, it helps my wallet at the same time. Below are a few of the ways I save money while saving the planet at the same time. To be upfront, this post does contain affiliate links (something I discuss wanting to learn about here) but the opinions are all my own!

1. Reusable k-cups

It has been established that I’m a big fan of coffee. I should also note that I love the convenience of our Keurig. However, I hated throwing away multiple k-cups every day. Then I read an article about the environmental impact of k-cup waste and knew I couldn’t keep contributing to the landfill like this. So, I poked around on Amazon and found these reusable k-cups. Not only do they cut down on the amount of trash I contribute to the landfill, but I’m also able to grind coffee beans to put directly into the pods so the coffee tastes significantly better than any disposable k-cup coffee I’ve had.

2. Kitchen Towels

Most households spend around $125 on paper towels each year. Nearly eight years ago I purchased an 8 pack of kitchen towels at target (similar to those pictured). About three years ago we bought a second set. In that time I’ve purchased zero rolls of paper towels. If I spent the national average on paper towels in those 8 years, it would have cost me a thousand dollars!


3. Stainless Steel Tumblers

I have so many cups in my cabinets (it is a borderline obsession). My recent favorites are stainless steel tumblers – they keep my coffee hot for far longer than any other mugs I’ve used. Because they keep my coffee warm I like to take these mugs with me to work and when I travel. By re-using the same cup I keep 2-3 disposable cups out of the landfill AND my coffee stays warm! Also, several places (including Starbucks) give discounts for bringing your own cup (not to mention taking my own coffee saves me a trip to the aforementioned Starbucks).





4. Jar Scrapers

We go through several jars of peanut butter each week. Without scraping the hard to reach peanut butter we would easily be using an additional jar a week. Even if I only used jar scrapers for this purpose, we would be saving $50 a year. Obviously there are other jars we scrape as well and, in a pinch, they work as spatulas when we’ve run out of traditional spatulas.

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