Medical Costs (Rant)

I just paid a doctor’s bill. The bill, which our insurance company negotiated down to $120, covered 5 minutes of actual interaction with medical professionals. $120 for 5 minutes. Luckily, we’re in a position where medical costs like these aren’t too big of a deal, but not everyone is in our position. My youngest daughter managed to slightly rip her…

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Being Cheap...In A Good Way

Ten Things Thrifty People Do To Save Money

I’ve always been cheap. Not entirely sure where I got my thriftiness, but I have embraced it. When I found my husband, friends remarked that I’d found the only person on earth cheaper than I am. Together we are one thrifty duo. Thriftiness (and advanced degrees) has afforded us an enviable lifestyle. Since I’m genuinely curious about how other people…

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Nearly There

August is almost here. Yes, for most of us it is hard to believe that the year has progressed so quickly, but August 1st is more significant to me this year. Six months ago, when I set out on my most recent crazy undertaking, I told myself (and my husband) that I could relax on August 1st. I just finished…

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Going Back on the Job Market

I’m going back on the job market. There are so many reasons and factors that have affected this decision. A big factor is the town we live in. I could write for days about the school district being under federal investigation, the crime rate per capita, the monopoly a for-profit hospital has on health care, etc., but that would be…

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Being Cheap...In A Good Way, Coffee

The Perfect Cold Brew Recipe

To be upfront, this post does contain affiliate links (something I discuss wanting to learn about here) but the opinions are all my own! If you follow my instagram, you might have noticed I post pictures of iced coffee…a lot. If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I’m fairly cheap. When you combine my thriftiness with my love…

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Parenting, Uncategorized

10 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

My house is over-run with toys. It is a 24/7 job to attempt to contain all of the kid-stuff strewn about by two toddlers. I’ve secretly removed a number of toys (and even some books!) from the kids’ play area – neither of themĀ even noticed they were gone! Aside from my desire to keep clutter at a minimum (well, as…

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